| January 30, 2017


 Economic and Marketing Development

 Suggested topic: Economic Stage of Development.

 Suggested topic: Marketing Stage of Development

 Competitive Forces

 Suggested topic: Competitive Analysis.

Competitive analysis includes the identification of competitors in the target market, the type of ownership (private, quasi-private/government business enterprises, state owned enterprise) and their, if any, alliances.

 Market Demand

 Suggested topic: Demand Estimation.

Demand estimation includes income elasticity, market potential, and sales forecast

(number of units, revenue).

 Market Segments

 Suggested topic: Market Segmentation.

Market segmentation includes buying groups that have the same or similar characteristics in consumer markets (by demographic, geographic, behavioral variables) or in business markets (by customer size, product use, geographic location, and type of organization).

 Product(s)

 Suggested topic: Product Requirements and Expectations.

Product requirements and expectations include brand importance, labeling and packaging, special features, particular modifications, service and warranty, and quality standard (for example ISO 9000).

Distribution Channel(s)

 Suggested topic: Import Procedures and Documentation.

Import procedures and documentation (for home and host country) include tariff (for example taxes and fees) and nontariff (for example inspections, certificates, and permits) requirements.

 Suggested topic: Channel Intermediaries.

Channel intermediaries include the availability and role of agents, distributors,

wholesalers and retailers, Internet opportunities, trading companies, and free trade zones/warehouses.

 Suggested topic: Logistics.

Logistics include the mode of transportation, warehousing, insurance, packing and

marking, and terms of payment for shipping.

Pricing Policy

 Suggested topic: Pricing Practices.9

Pricing practices include competitive (market) structure (for example oligopoly), selling cost, pricing and discounts, and the method and terms of payment.

 Promotion Mix

 Suggested topic: Promotion Opportunities.

Promotion opportunities include for consumer markets: advertising (print and electronic media), public relations, personal/direct selling, and sales promotions, or for business markets: business and trade journals, public relations, trade events, shows, missions and other personal selling methods, and sales promotion.

 Home Country Factors

 Suggested topic: Comparison of Host Country Marketing Mix Opportunities to Home Country. In detail, compare and contrast the host country market and marketing mix opportunities with the home country. Most likely some aspects will differ. A descriptive or graphic and descriptive presentation may be made for this comparison. The identification and comparison of the two marketing mix situations are important for the planning and preparation for market entry.

 Summary

 Suggested topic: Summary of Market Opportunities and Marketing Mix.

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