MARKETING-It has been suggested that over 70 percent of all buying decisions

| January 31, 2017

It has been suggested that over 70 percent of all buying decisions are made in the store and as a result, point-of-purchase advertising has grown in its appeal.

In this assignment, consider point-of-purchase advertising and its effect on you, as a consumer.

Comment on how effective this type of advertising was to you.

Include the following elements:

Short description of three different point-of-purchase advertising/promotion that you have recently come across (ads in-store, personal selling by a cosmetic counter salesperson, etc).
For each point-of-purchase advertising/promotion, discuss the following:
Did you buy the product? If so, how much did the point-of-purchase advertising/promotion influence your decision to buy?
How did you feel about the point-of-purchase advertising? Was it annoying, helpful, etc.?
Most importantly, in the role of a marketing executive for the brand, would you recommend that the brand continue to spend part of their advertising budget on this form of media? Why/why not?
Your assignment should be 3-4 page(s) in length.

One to two peer-reviewed journal articles are required. Reference all sources using APA format.

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