MARKETING-In regards to companies being socially responsible

| January 31, 2017

In regards to companies being socially responsible, what isn’t discussed at much length is what role we have as a consumer in purchasing from companies that do not pay their employees market wages, or have bad working conditions, or give sparse health benefits. Isn’t every dollar we spend with these companies a vote for those companies’ practices?

Consider the idea that companies only do what they are rewarded for, just like people. For instance, if the company is using child labor and their sales are growing each year, why would they change their practices?

Write about three things you can do to take your role as a socially responsible customer more seriously.
Some people will say that they have to “stretch a dollar” and that is why they aren’t socially responsible. What would you say to them to get those individuals to consider changing their views on this?
Your assignment should be 3-4 page(s) in length.

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