MARKETING-Enlarge and bold the letter of the best response

| January 31, 2017

Written Assignment 7

Multiple Choice(1 point per question)

Enlarge and bold the letter of the best response for each of the following.

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the four characteristics of services?

a. Intangibility

b. Inconsistency

c. Income

d. Inseparability

e. Inventory

2. Susie recently bought a new pair of pants from a clothing store in her local mall. After wearing the pants one time and washing them, Susie discovered that the pants had shrunk five inches in length. When she went to the store to return the pants, the store clerk responded to Susie by apologizing for the problem with the pants and the inconvenience they had caused. The clerk issued Susie a refund. The store’s response to Susie’s dilemma represents what dimension of service quality?

a. Reliability

b. Assurance

c. Tangibles

d. Empathy

e. Responsiveness

3. Robert has decided to purchase a new computer. He has decided to purchase this new computer via the Dell website. While online making the decision about his computer purchase, Robert notices that offers a variety of features that he can mix and match to his liking for his new computer. The way Dell tailors their website to meet the needs of customers is an example of:

a. database marketing.

b. web-based marketing.

c. interactive marketing.

d. creative marketing.

e. preference marketing.

4. Which of the following is NOT one of the levels of a market offering?

a. Commodity

b. Inventory

c. Good

d. Service

e. Experience

5. Having always wanted to get a facial and massage, Kelly decides to arrange these services with her local salon. After undergoing these procedures, Kelly decides that now she really knows all along what she was missing. The attributes that Kelly only really knew about after actually having the facial and massage are known as:

a. search attributes.

b. experience attributes.

c. credence attributes.

d. knowledge attributes.

e. familiarity attributes.

6. Every Sunday, Martha searches the newspaper for coupons she can use during her weekly grocery shopping trip. These coupons represent what type of benefit?

a. Soft

b. Hard

c. Flat

d. Frequency

e. Reward

7. In recent years, ice cream stores have shifted from the traditional ice cream parlor to more unique restaurants where store employees mix any combination of ingredients together in front of you and sing songs while preparing ice cream. These new ice cream stores represent what level of market offering?

a. Commodity

b. Good (product)

c. Service

d. Experience

e. Trend

8. Sarah gets her nails done every week at the same nail shop. Some weeks she leaves the store extremely happy with the way her nails look, and other times she leaves feeling disappointed about the outcome. Sarah’s change in experience represents what characteristic of services?

a. Intangibility

b. Inconsistency

c. Inseparability

d. Inventory

e. Intermediary

9. The dimension of service quality that is an attitudinal aspect of service through which the provider communicates to the customer that he cares is known as:

a. reliability.

b. assurance.

c. tangibles.

d. empathy.

e. responsiveness.

10. Which one of the following is not one of the quality gaps that exist when customer perceptions fall short of customer expectations?

a. Knowledge gap

b. Standards gap

c. Delivery gap

d. Communications gap

e. Experience gap

True-False(1 point per question)

In the blank to the left place a “T” if the statement is true or an “F” if it is false.

_____1. Attributes that consumers can only really know about after they experience the product or service themselves are known as experience attributes.

_____2. Since there are different kinds of attributes that make up products and services, it is harder to evaluate services than products.

_____3. The most important dimension of service is the expected service of the consumers.

_____4. A standards gap exists between what customers really expect and what management thinks customers expect.

_____5. Of the two kinds of rewards that customers can receive, people respond better to soft benefits.

_____6. The trend in the future of marketing is to move beyond simple service to experiences.

_____7. You can inventory a service because they are not inherently perishable.

_____8. The most important thing that allows the different dimensions of service to be distinguished is the core service.

_____9. A knowledge gap exists when management accurately perceives consumer expectations but erroneously sets up a service to try to deliver to those expectations.

_____10. It is harder to evaluate services than products because there are different kinds of attributes that make up products and services.

Fill in the Blank(1 point per question)

Supply the missing word or phrase.

1. Products have more ____________________ attributes and some ____________________ attributes; whereas, services have more ____________________ attributes and more ____________________ attributes.

2. The service the customer doesn’t expect that endears the customer to the store is known as the ____________________.

3. A ____________________ exists when customer perceptions fall short of customer expectations.

4. An effort to develop a long-term cost-effect link with individual customers for the mutual benefit of the customer and the organization is the premise behind ____________________.

5. ____________________ attributes are those that consumers just have to trust because they can’t even be determined after use.

6. The dimension of service quality that relates to how a service provider presents him or herself in order to create an image of competence is known as ____________________.

7. ____________________ is the responsiveness used to recover from a poor service experience.

8. The general term applied to trying to reward people for the regularity of their business is ____________________.

9. A ____________________ benefit is one that has some kind of financial benefit to the customer; whereas a ____________________ benefit does not have a financial bearing.

10. ____________________ marketing is using large collections of statistics to make decisions about how to market to different groups.

Short Answer Questions (20 possible points)

ServQual is a questionnaire instrument that is used to assess the five dimensions of service quality discussed in this lesson pertaining to service firms (e.g., banks, credit card companies, restaurants, phone companies) and the services they offer:

Tangibles: The appearance of the firm’s facilities, equipment, and personnel.

Reliability: The firm’s ability to perform the promised service dependably.

Responsiveness: The firm’s willingness to help customers and provide prompt service.

Assurance: The knowledge of the firm’s employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence.

Empathy: The caring, individualized attention the firm provides its customers.

Twenty-two items are used to measure the five general dimensions of RATER:

Name of service firm________________________________________

___ 01. Modern-looking equipment

___ 02. Visually appealing physical facilities

___ 03. Employees are neat-appearing

___ 04. Visually appealing materials associated with the service

___ 05. Keep promises

___ 06. Show sincere interest in solving customer problems

___ 07. Perform the service right the first time

___ 08. Provide their service as promised

___ 09. Insist on error-free records

___ 10. Inform exactly when services will be performed

___ 11. Employees give prompt service

___ 12. Employees are always willing to help

___ 13. Employees are never too busy to respond to requests

___ 14. Employee behavior instill customer confidence

___ 15. Customers feel safe in their transactions

___ 16. Employees are consistently courteous

___ 17. Employees have knowledge to answer questions

___ 18. Give customers individual attention

___ 19. Operating hours are convenient to all customers

___ 20. Employees give customers personal attention

___ 21. Customers’ best interests are at heart

___ 22. Employees understand the specific needs of customers

Pick two service firms that you do business with, one that you think provides excellent service, and one that provides only fair (or even poor) service. Provide your own ratings of each firm on each of the twenty-two statements above. Use a 1 to 10 scale, where 1 = poor and 10 = excellent. Highlight and copy this page and fill it out twice, one for the good firm and one for the bad firm. Put the firm name (and service it provides) at the top of the page. Then list your ratings by item in order below each firm’s name. What is the total for each firm? Where are the biggest differences in the ratings for the two firms? How could the poor service firm improve its service quality? Write up your findings and suggestions in 500 words maximum.

Preparation for the Midterm Examination


You may apply to take the midterm examination as soon as you have submitted all the preceding assignments for grading. It is a good idea to wait to get all your graded assignments back; then review while the material is fresh in your mind.

The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions drawn equally from each lesson and from the text. You may not take the test until you have completed the first seven written assignments. The exam should take about 1 hour to complete, but you will be given 90 minutes to complete the exam. The multiple-choice questions will include some basic definitional questions, but the emphasis will be on “scenario” questions that test your ability to apply concepts. Reviewing the lesson quizzes is the best way to prepare for the midterm (in addition to reviewing the text, the lessons themselves, and your notes). The exam does not ask specific dates, company names, or numerical statistics; the emphasis is on concepts and their applications. You may bring a simple calculator to the exam.

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