Marketing Communications

| February 11, 2016

Marketing Communications
Order Description
This task is case analysis report. You must use case study to write answers to the following questions:
1. The launch of New Coke turned out to be a nightmare for Coca-Cola. Discuss the marketing implications of introducing New Coke.
2. Was it necessary to re-formulate New Coke?
3. Did market research actually fail in this case? How would you avoid such mistakes if you were a market researcher? Is is actually possible?
1. Read the cases carefully and thoroughly
2. Investigate and analyse the situation described in the cases
– Do extra research for more information whenever needed
– Apply relevant marketing and/or IMC theories to the analysis
3. Report your answers to all the questions attached to each case

Assessment Criteria:
1. Thorough understanding of the cases
2. Questions fully answered
3. Original and critical thinking in case analysis
4. Application of relevant theories
5. Logical and convincing arguments
6. Clear presentation
– Reports well written without errors in spelling, grammas, punctuation, etc.
– Proper referencing manner (follow Harvard Style in referencing. Details available in the library website)
– Any content beyond the page limit will NOT be read nor assessed

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