marijuana and economic values

| February 14, 2016

marijuana and economic values
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Write an argument paper making a policy claim about how marijuana has helped the economy of all the states that have approved the recreational sale and production of marijuana ( washington seattle denver )

A policy claim argues what society should (or should not) do in the future.
For example, “Voluntary prayer should be
permitted in public schools” is a policy claim. If that’s your topic, find
supporting evidence (facts) to back up your claim. so an example of a marijuana policy would be “The production and recreational sales of marijuana should be approved because of the economic benefits”

In addition to facts, you’ll also need to include emotional appeals. That’s because policy claim supports use both the
techniques used to support fact claims, but also the techniques used to support value claims.

In the first paragraph, clearly
state your claim. After the claim

which is your thesis

include a roadmap (or blueprint) of
the main points to follow.

Beginning in paragraph two, fully develop your supports. Each support must be in a separate paragraph or set of
paragraphs. Do not put two points in the same paragraph!
Begin each paragraph with a transition word (first, second, next, etc.) in the topic sentence.
Order your supports by importance (that is, the most important or persuasive support comes first).
Make sure that you include a refutation of opposing arguments. This refutation should come after you have supported
your claim.

Finally, summarize both your claim and your supports in your final paragraph

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