MAR 4323 Summer 2015 Chapter 1 Quiz

| June 7, 2016

(4323 Summer 2015 Boca)


Chapter 1 Connect Quiz


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Integrated marketing communications:

assimilates marketing with intraoffice communications.

coordinates the marketing and promotional tools to communicate effectively.

reduces the need for advertising agencies to be accountable for their actions.

helps in intraoffice promotion that encourages employees to stay in the organization.

restricts the usage of Internet as an advertising medium.


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Jane informed her friend Anne that Clean-Yes, a detergent recently launched by TG & Company, was extremely good because it not only
removed tough stains but was also mild on clothes. Which of the following types of touch points is being referred to in this scenario?

Company-created touch point

Customer-initiated touch point

Unexpected touch point

Customer service touch point

Intrinsic touch point


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

The American Marketing Association’s definition of marketing focused on _____ as a central concept in marketing and the use of the basic
marketing activities to create and sustain relationships with customers.







Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Micromarketing deals with:

customized production of goods and services.

selling the goods and services to a selected number of customers.

only the pricing component of marketing.

mass marketing of goods and services in order create long-term sustainability.

customizing marketing and promotional messages to suit specific target audiences.


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Large organizations and firms usually spend huge sums of money on promotional activities since it guarantees the success of a product.




Award: 6.76 out of 6.76 points

Harry has newly joined the marketing department of KC Cola. While going through some files, he came across a document designed for a
particular brand of product that contained a detailed analysis of the environmental factors and competition. It also contained a time frame
within which some objectives, further divided into tasks, had to be accomplished. The document not only enlisted the target markets for the
brand but also contained specifications about its 4P’s and various methods to check the performance of the team as well as that of the brand.
Which of the following documents is likely to contain such information?

Business plan

Marketing plan

Memorandum of association

Strategic management plan

Annual fiscal plan


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

_____ is a combination of many factors, including the name, logo, symbols, design, packaging, and performance of a product or service as
well as the image or type of associations that comes to mind when consumers think about a brand.

Brand identity

Brand elasticity


Brand extension

Brand valuation


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Traditional media, such as television, provide marketing that is more targeted when compared to the Internet.




Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Publicity is also known as public relations (i.e., they both mean the same).




Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points is a website that provides various offers for consumers. Users can visit the website and choose the offer that they
prefer, which will then be sent to their mobile phones in the form of coupons that can be redeemed at the point of purchase. Which of the
following promotional mix elements is being discussed in the given scenario?

Direct-mail marketing

Personal selling

Point-of-purchase promotion

Interactive media

Trade advertising


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Tom, a chocolate maker, placed ads for his chocolate bars inMagz, a magazine that was popular among the managers of large hotels.
Knowing that these hotels used chocolate for desserts on a daily basis, Tom wanted to bring his product to the attention of hotels’ purchase
managers. The type of advertising Tom is making use of is _____.

trade advertising

professional advertising

business-to-business advertising

primary-demand advertising

national advertising


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

VCRs were introduced to consumer markets during the 1970s. When VCRs were first introduced in the United States, many marketers ran
advertisements to explain to household consumers the value and convenience of taping television shows through the VHS video recorder
which was not possible earlier at home. This form of advertising is known as:

primary-demand advertising.

selective-demand advertising.

professional advertising.

direct-response advertising.

trade advertising.


Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

The main disadvantage of publicity over other forms of promotion is its high cost.




Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

Direct-response advertising encourages customers to purchase products directly from the manufacturers.




Award: 6.66 out of 6.66 points

CL Inc., a packaged goods manufacturing company, placed an advertisement in theIndependent Retailer, a monthly wholesale purchasing
guide for wholesalers and retailers. The advertisement contained pictures of the product and a slogan that states, “Now here’s a kiddie snack
that mothers will love you to display at your checkout counters.” Which type of advertising has been used here?

Trade advertising

National advertising

Business-to-consumer advertising

Retail advertising

Primary-demand advertising

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