Managing Energy Sources Week 3:Assignment

| March 29, 2017

Managing Energy Sources

Week 3:Assignment

Hand-in Assignment

Looking at the properties in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria from the Hand-in Assignment in Week 2, select one of the regions and conduct an analysis of potential energy suppliers available given concerns about an imminent rise in energy prices and the planned extension of the building, from its present 80 ensuite double and twin bedrooms, to add an additional 20 ensuite rooms and two three-room suites. Show your considerations when selecting a preferred supplier along with a rationale for your selection, using a real example supplier.

Additionally, analyse the months and times of peak and off-peak energy use. Using some of the DSM options and techniques discussed in this week, provide a proposal for the management of peak and off-peak energy consumption for existing rooms in a 1980s concrete frame commercial building and the planned new build extension. In addition, analyse the potential cost-savings over time that will result from the application of the selected DSM options and techniques applied to the chosen property.

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