Managing Energy Sources (Project management)

| September 10, 2016

Discussion question: 700 words, original work required- No copy / paste work- (plagiarism free)

There are a number of factors which cause the electricity market’s volatility. The peak and off-peak usage of energy, the fluctuating costs of the fossil fuels which are used to create electricity and the stability of the delivery infrastructure are just a few of the items that affect energy prices.

1. Compare and contrast the options available to an organisation looking to mitigate the costs of electricity over the long term.

2. Select the optimum approach and explain why your choice represents the best balance of investment to long-term economic savings.

3. Please provide support and reasoning for your responses.

4. Give relevant examples from real companies

Format your references as below examples:

References within the paper: (For example:Beggs, (2010) explains that it is virtually impossible to isolate the topic of politics from any discussion concerning energy distribution and supply

List of references at the end of the paper: An example of a proper reference:

Beggs, 2010, Clive. Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation, 2nd Edition. Routledge, 05/2010. VitalBook file. (Beggs 47)

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