Management Information Systems

| February 11, 2016

Management Information Systems
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Length: 3,500 words
Assignment topic
The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your ability to develop a comprehensive implementation proposal for an information system that uses a systems approach in virtual teams. The proposal should be targeted at a potential ‘sponsor’ organisation that will need to be convinced of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed new system.Choose an information system based on ERP systems, CRM systems, SCM Systems, that you have studied in this unit. Your assignment should describe the steps of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) discussed in Topic 4 of the subject. The proposed system must address an identifiable problem/opportunity that exists in the sponsor organisation and relate to particular aspects of the organisation’s overall strategic directions. Dont select any big organisation because they already have these information systems. It is important that you select the features of system carefully and justify your selection. Do not just use (be critical of the use of) the standard features of a commercially available software package. For the purposes of this assignment, try to keep the system that you are proposing to a manageable size. So whichever system is selected , please include the Challenges/Issues and Success Factors of that Systems as well. In SDLC phases, in planning you should consider tasks and their duration, therefore gantt chart would be helpful. Do not go to details to check all dates and duration so just placing a screen shot in the proposal would improve the quality of it.
Your proposed system could help the ‘sponsor’ by:
improving an existing manual information system
introducing a new information system
creating a new business opportunity
improving organisational productivity.
The sponsor could be:
top management of your company
an investor
a financial institution which will lend you money
a client who has engaged you as a consultant.

Format for Assignment 2
The format of the formal assignment will be:
Covering letter to sponsor
Title page
Table of contents
Executive summary (1 page)
Body of your assignment with suitable headings and subheadings
Reference list (Harvard referencing style is required)
Appendices (including a background of the organisation for your Unit Assessor!).
Marking criteria for Assignment 2
Specific criteria
Maximum marks
MC 1: Content – clear understanding of issues
(28 Marks)
Description of organisational context (good brief description of the chosen organisation (e.g., industry, visions, missions, business processes))

Discussion of its internal and external operating environments

Clearly identify the problem/opportunity for IS/IT

Clearly justify your choice of the proposed system
Clearly explain how the information system that you are proposing will support the strategic goals of the organisation

Present system analysis and functional specifications for the intended system (a managerial viewpoint is sufficient)

Explain how the system will be implemented (focusing on implementation stage in the SDLC)

Discuss post-implementation activities

Discuss project management, risk management and change management associated with the implementation
MC 2: Content quality, terminology, depth, originality (2 marks)
Quality of content – use of proper study material; use of proper terminology; depth; originality; citations and referencing
MC 3: Use of multiple sources of information
(3 Marks)
Use of information from various sources

Good integration of references into your discussion
MC 4: Communication
(2 Marks)
Structure of the report; clarity of communication; conciseness; flow; able to clearly express ideas; spelling and grammar; prompt submission; good presentation
Total marks


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