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| June 3, 2016

Running Head: MANAGEMENT

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Generally this research paper is about developing a marketing plan for a selected company. For instance, for this marketing plan, Saxonville Sausage Company is selected in this research paper in order to fulfill the aims and objectives. Basically, this company such as: Saxonville Sausage is a company that produce produces a variety of pork sausage products to customers in the global market. In addition to this, this paper describes the concept, as well as process of marketing plan to identify the effectiveness or requirement of marketing. Moreover, this paper also focus on marketing research of a company those run its operations in an international market.

Part A: Mission and Objectives

Purpose of the Marketing Plan

The main purpose of this marketing plan is to improve the business of the Saxonville Sausage Company in the market through improving marketing practices and strategies in order to attract the customers and improve position in the market. On the other hand, the main purpose of this marketing plan is to focus on the company’s marketing strategies and tactics to attract or retain the target customers.

Organization Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Saxonville Sausage Company is “to eventually become the most admired and revered company in the minds of the customers through providing them high quality products and services at sufficient price.

Competitive Advantage

Saxonville Sausage Company is entered in the market 70 years ago in Saxonville, Ohio. The company produces variety of pork sausage products and the company earned around $1.5 billion revenue in 2005. The main brand of the company are bratwurst (70% revenue come from it), breakfast sausage both links and patties (20% of revenue) and Italian sausage named Vivio (5% of revenue). The company sold the products in the all over the US through national and regional brokers and distributors (Kelly, 2011). The main competitive advantage of the company is provide full value of the customers through provide quality products at sufficient price that helps it to maintain good reputation and position in the market.

Part B: Situational Analysis Using SWOT

“This section of the marketing plan focuses on identifying the problems faced by the Sausage Company related to marketing its products and services in the global market. For instance, to identify the problems and weakness related to marketing of Sausage Company, SWOT analysis of the company is conducted. The below section describes the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of Sausage Company:



● Vivio & bratwurst brand success in the existing market

● Good reputation and strong brand recognition

● Strong distribution network

● Provided high quality products

● Vivio position is not clear in the market

● No product differentiation

● Less effective market segmentation

● German company, but brand famous of Italian products

● No clear positioning of products



· Enter in the new markets

· Less competition in fresh sausages sector

● Increased consumer spending.

● Enter in other product segments

● Competitors as 29 competitors already established in the market

● Government policy or legal changes which make selling abroad (internationally) difficult

● Changes in society such as an increase attention to health products.

● Taxation rules which reduce the firm’s or consumer income

(Source: Krishnamacharyulu, 2011).

On the basis of the SWOT analysis, it can be said that Sausage Company faced different issues and problem related to thelack of segmentations and differentiation of products that impacts on its marketing strategies. The weakness section indicates the main weakness and problems faced by Sausage Company related to marketing of products and services.

Part C: Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities Using STP

On the basis of the weakness, issues and opportunities identified through conduct SWOT analysis, it can be stated that Sausage Company change its marketing mission, vision and goals to target the more customers in the market. In this situation, Sausage Company focuses different alternatives to solve the problems and issues related to marketing strategies.On the basis of explanation of all elements of the SWOT dimensions, it can be said that Sausage Company use different marketing strategies to improve its position in the global market.

Market Segmentation

The SWOT analysis also indicates that the lack of segmentations and differentiation of products is the main weakness of Sausage Company’s marketing strategy, so that introduction of latest technology, different flavors or tastes, and different sizes bratwurst and breakfast categories products with attractive design through use innovation or technology apply strategy would be appropriate of the company. This strategy helps the company to differentiate its bratwurst and breakfast categories products from other competitors (Brown & Osborne, 2012). Moreover, the company should also change bratwurst and breakfast categories products according to the particular market customer need or preferences that can help it proper segment of products in the market.

Target Market

Sausage Company should be target the different age group customers such as children, young and middle age people by introducing new products and changing products flavors or taste according to the need or taste of customers in the market. The company should also introduce latest technology, different flavors or tastes, and different sizes products to target the different age group customers in the target market (Brown & Osborne, 2012).

Market Positioning:

The company should also provide full value of the customers through provide them best after sales of products as well as quality or unique flavor products of them (Wright, Frazer & Merrilees, 2007). Sausage Company should be introduced the innovative or different kinds of products in the target market in an effective and proper manner in order to gain market share. The company should also focus on different bratwurst and breakfast categories of products according to the need and preference of the customers (Sinclair & Wilken, 2009).

Hence, it can be said that the company should focus on using different marketing and business strategies in order to attract more and more customer in the global market.


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