M5 Written Assignment 2016

| March 14, 2016


M5 Written Assignment 2016
Based on selections from Gjerde, describe American society and immigrants of color experiences in the 1920s and 1930s? Connect these selections to Takaki’s research about how immigrants of color were treated and explain why they were treated this way. Support your thesis with plenty of details about American society in the 1920s and 1930s!
Describe and analyze the impact of the Quota system and the Great Depression on the lives of ethnic communities. Include material (memories) from people who lived through the era to support your answer.
Describe the treatment of and experiences of people of Japanese heritage in the US during World War II, using documents such as Miné Okubo’s recollections. Why did the internment happen? What were the consequences of this episode in American history for the concerned and for American society at large??
Answer only one question. Answers should be at least 2-3 double-spaced pages (500-600 words). I expect that students will use proper grammar, paragraph structure and will proof-read their work for typos, misspellings, etc. You can also expect that I will read, critique and evaluate your essays in a week to ten days. You must clearly cite your sources (with page numbers).

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