LO4: Evaluate the global considerations of energy production

| October 14, 2019

LO4: Evaluate the global considerations of energy production, management and conservation including the environmental and economic impact of common fuels. This is a vast topic and apart from a general overview at the beginning of the course into world statistics and energy policy individual class members will study particular aspects and report back to the class. The reports back are intended to inform all, making the oral presentations particularly important as these reports contribute to the class work on LO4. Some of the issues which can be covered – lists are not intended to be exhaustive: Global energy production and management – trends, country of origin, types, renewables, non- renewables, uses, industries, political alliances, distribution methods, security, multinationals, organizations such as IEA, OPEC, government organizations, minerals, food production, medicine. Global energy conservation considerations include energy conservation, energy efficiency, consumption levels, energy management. Environmental and economic impact includes employment, water pollution, air pollution, soil degradation, infrastructure development, wealth and poverty, nature of the energy markets. Specific renewables include wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, wave, OTEC. A table of possible themes is attached You are asked to work individually, but ‘connected’ projects will be considered. In the attachment, you will find what the proposed topic is and what you should cover in this report. Including in this assignment as well the answer of this question: in Saudi Arabia – they certainly have a lot of sun – and there are the oil interests – do they want that?

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