Literature essay

| June 11, 2016

This final essay is based on the Unit 3 tennis-match outline. You will analyze gender or class and economics (depending on the track you chose in Project One).

Other Information


Bear in mind that the thesis statement should do the following:

· Compare gender or class and how it is handled in the confines of short story, play, or poem.

· Compare literary elements in the short story, play, or poem.

To help you support the thesis statement for this essay, it is important that you also have each of the following in your essay:

· Evidence or examples from the works themselves and from outside academic sources (i.e. literary journals and texts) that justify your position

· A conclusion that ties all of your main ideas together

· In-text citations and a reference list of three sources in proper APA style, including at least two academic sources to support your argument.
o Sources may derive from a literary journal or a critical text. Please note that when conducting any research for this course, the following sources are NOT acceptable: Wikipedia,,, and

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