Linear Programming Problem – A charity wants to contact people to collect donations

| August 30, 2017

A charity wants to contact people to collect donations. A person can becontacted morning or evening, by phone, or door-to-door. The average donationresulting from each type of contact is given below:

Phone Door-to-Door


Morning $35 $60

Evening $40 $70

TheCharity has 150 volunteer hours in the morning and 120 volunteer hours in theevening. Each phone contact takes 6 minutes and each door-to-door contact takes15 minutes to conduct. The Charity wants to have at least 550 phone and at least400 door-to-door contacts.

Formulatea linear programming model that meets these restrictions and maximizes the totalaverage donations by determining

(a)The decision variables.

(b)Determine the objective function. What does it represent?

(c)Determine all the constraints. Briefly describe what each constraintrepresents.

Note: Do NOTsolve the problem after formulating

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