Less economically developed countries will experience

| March 14, 2016

1. Less economically developed countries will experience higher birth rates than more economic cally developed countries due to :
A. Decreased availability of sanitary water.
B. Higher infant mortality rate.
C. Higher literacy rate of women
D. Increased availability of contraceptives.
2. A researcher collects high-resolution photographs of the Earth taken from outside space at annual intervals for the last decade. This data would be most useful to analyze which of the following:
A. Human movement during crises.
B. Migration patterns of large whales.
C. Deforestation in the rain forest.
D. Weather patterns during hurricanes.
3. An individual suffers severe blunt trauma to the thoracic cavity. Which of the following organs are at greatest risk from injury:
A. Heart and lungs.
B. Liver and stomach.
C. Brain and spinal cord.
D. Large and small intestines.
4. A researcher is studying the rate of chemical reactions within living blood cells. When placing the cell into a petri dish with a PH of 2.5, the researcher should predict that the rate of the reactions will:
A. increase immediately
B. Decrease immediately.
C. Remain the same.
D. Increase immediately then decrease gradually.
5. In developing countries, which of the following factors correlates with high birth rates?
A. Increased availability of contraception.
B. Increased education and standard of living.
C. High infant mortality rate.
D. High availability of postnasal care.


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