legal ethics and proffesional practice

| February 8, 2016

legal ethics and proffesional practice
question 3:

The solutions to the daily problems arising from the duties of the barrister are left to the barrister’s honour. Lord Macmillan identified five core duties of an advocate: ‘… a
duty to his client, a duty to his opponent, a duty to the court, a duty to the state and a
duty to himself’.Du Cann observed that the proper observance of these duties ‘may prevent [the barrister] ever rising to his feet at all, whilst a failure to follow them may result in an appearance before a disciplinary committee … and the striking of his name from the list of those qualified to practise in the courts’

‘Ethics and the legal
profession, part three.’
7 December 2009 by Mark Humphries

Question :Explain and discuss the above with reference to the Bar Standards Board Code of Conduct.

-please refer to each quote and explain each duties and moral obligations and how the Bar Code of Conducts strives to enable this.
You can access the code of conduct through the link :

Can you please read and refer to the points between core duties and conduct rules (page 22 to 58) AND use headings or sub headings when appropriate.

Can you please use footnote system and use at least 6 articles you refer directly in the essay with at least 4 quotations from the sources.

I need the sources (books and/or articles to be available online and the links to be put in the bibliography section.

Also please refer to the article here which talks about where the quote in the question is taken from :
and also cite this.


All works
which you have actually read
should be included in the bibliography, as
well as any other sources used in the course of the research.
References to other
sources you have not read should be restricted to footnotes (see above).
(NOTE: We do not prescribe any particular method of bibliographical reference.)
The bibliography must be divided so that each type of material must be listed
arately. Each list must be in alphabetical order
Separate lists will be required for the following:


Periodical (e.g. journal) articles

Any other written sources (such as newspaper reports)

Official documents (e.g. Command Papers; Hansard)

of statutes

Table of cases

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