Learning & re-learning

| February 4, 2016

Learning & re-learning
This video assignment is to be watched and provided an opposite view of the lecture. Why you disagree with the points presented and if there are points that are valid or useful why.

The following video is below:
the book reference to the video is:
Dr. John Seely Brown, Based on his book, The Only Sustainable Edge: Why Business Strategy Depends on Productive Friction and Dynamic Specialization (2005),

December 6, 2006 Lecture

Summary of assignment:
Dr. John Seely Brown

See https://video.mit.edu/watch/relearning-learning-applying-the-long-tail-to-learning-9174/

Presentation Summary :

In a digitally connected, rapidly evolving world, we must transcend the traditional Cartesian models of learning that prescribe “pouring knowledge into somebody’s head,” says Dr. John Seely Brown. We learn through our interactions with others and the world, he says, and there’s no more perfect medium for enabling this than an increasingly open and organized World Wide Web.

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