Learning Outcomes to be Assessed: 1.

| May 16, 2019

Learning Outcomes to be Assessed: 1. Determine the role and importance of stakeholders and manage people within construction projects 2. Perform financial management considering value and risk in construction projects 3. Construct detailed programmes and for construction projects 4. Apply innovative techniques such as BIM to construction project management Assessment Details: You are required to produce a ‘briefing document’ for a busy director who wishes to know more about your selected UK construction project. The purpose of the briefing document is to provide the director with as much detail and analysis in only 3000 words – the sort of document he or she might read on a train prior to a meeting in which he or she would want to have enough knowledge as to feel competent to talk about the project. The report should examine, as a minimum, the following issues: The historic context of the project  The project structureStakeholder analysis  Project Programme Risk management (time, cost, quality and overall performance)  Sustainability and building performance  Interpersonal perspective of the project’s management Use of information technology and communication systems for project management. You may include any other issues that you feel relevant and indeed credit will be given for this. Presentation You shall work individually and submit a report on or before the given date, and it shall contain the following:  A cover page giving title, name of student, the date of submission and total number of words used (excluding references and annexes). The main text preferably in appropriate sections addressing the given areas Annexes if any Number of words of the report excluding annexes shall be 3000 (+/- 10%). Assessment Criteria: Knowledge and understanding (30%) This addresses understanding and critical awareness of the subject matter in question. You are expected to form original ideas where appropriate from understanding theory and context. Express clear focus with no significant omissions or unnecessary issues. Application and analysis (30%) You should demonstrate the transfer of project management theory into actual practice/selected context. You would also be expected to critically analyse its application and to synthesise to a winder context. Collection of primary information and usage of analytical methods such as rich picture and influence diagram would add to your report. Structure and argument (20%) You should clearly articulate a structure with full introduction and robust conclusion which draws together the main issues. This should be an effective framework which enables the smooth flow of ideas and persuasive argument leading to significant insights and relevant future work. Presentation and communication (20%) You should communicate effectively with appropriate language, impeccable presentation, and polished and reader-friendly style/layout. Professionalism and creativity in the presentation of the case study is important. Harvard style should be used throughout with a full and correctly presented reference list.

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