Leadership Style Presentation

| January 31, 2017

Topic: Perceptions of ethical competence among human service professionals working in long- term care.

In the first part of your assignment this week, describe your selected topic area (located above), including the problem or background issues that you would like to address in your Final Paper. To do this, you will need to visit the Ashford University Library and locate at least eight peer-reviewed sources that pertain to your selected topic area. Your sources must present actual research studies that correspond to the problem or background of your selected topic area

Summarize the components, attributes, and/or various segments of the topic area you have selected.

For example:

What is the research problem or issue?
Who or what is affected by this problem or issue?
What are some specific examples of research studies, evaluations, reports, literature reviews, etc. that address it?
What are the findings of these sources, and what are their implications on the health and human services field?

Then, create a detailed outline of your Final Paper. Your outline should include at least headings and sub-headings, with at least a one- to two-sentence description for each. Indicate within each section which of your sources will apply to that section.

The Final Paper Outline should be two to three pages total (excluding title and reference pages) in APA format.

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