Leadership & change

| February 8, 2016

Leadership & change

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• Final paper

Using insights from the course, develop a personal action plan to meet future leadership
challenges. There are three parts to this.
First, write two or three paragraphs about your strengths in leadership situations, possible weaknesses that you need to be aware of, and how you intend to develop your leadership capability.
Second, complete a leadership development worksheet outlining your specific goals and your intended approach related to the company that you work for. Each of the parts is of equal
Third, describe in relation to assignment 2 above, what you would now do to resolve the situation that you previously thought was poorly handled.

Think about a time when you experienced failure as a leader in your organizational life – when you were less effective than you should have been while managing yourself and/or other people. Examples might include: failure to secure an important client, stalled promotion, frustrating project management or team management experience, inability to manage upwards, difficult colleague or subordinate, etc. Briefly describe the situation and analyses the contributing factors that made you less than effective. What is important is the thoughtful analysis of what caused you to be ineffective in that leadership situation. It is not necessary at this point to suggest alternative courses of action.
Two years ago I experienced failure as a leader in my career life. I felt that time that my motivated toward my job decreased and I were less effective than before. This was especially when my boss selected me to manage one important project. Things were progress well and effectively, but then the situation is changed when two of my best colleagues decided to resign. Two of them were high qualified and find very attractive offer outside and go for it. I found that hiring new employees will need to spend lots of time to train them and teaching them the long procedures we used. However, I selected new employees replacement to the two resigned, it’s took my time and efforts to train them from the beginning. I didn’t give the project or the other workers 100% attention, which cause some failure to finalize many related issues. My manager was upset and I felt so frustrated to complete with the project. At that time I didn’t believe in myself or other team, as my full focus was only with the two resigned employees. What caused me to be ineffective in the leadership situation that I discovered that I teach the two resigned between them. Hence, the team turned on me and starts blaming me for any simple mistakes, they saw me weak and frustrated and bused this to blame me a lots. I lose the control in leading them return back the pervious strong team, therefore, the project fail as many tasks wasn’t achieved effectively

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