| September 14, 2016

Can you provide me with an annotated bibliography for “SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP “. It’s for a leadership class. below are the directions:

For your second submission towards your research paper, you will expand upon the Unit I Research Paper Topic by creating an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography will include five outside sources that you can use for the research paper due in Unit VII. In the Unit I Research Paper Topic, you located two scholarly sources. You may continue to use these sources for this assignment or choose all new articles .Within your annotations, you will include a brief summary of the source. The summary should include answers to the following questions:

? What are the author’s main points?

? How does this source fit into my research?

? Is this source objective, or does it have a bias?

? How could I use this information in my paper?

Also, be sure to avoid including your own opinion on the contingency theory of leadership you selected and any in formation not related to your theory. Each of your five sources should include a 100-150 word annotation.

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