Law, the Judicial System, and Business Organizations

| October 3, 2018

Law, the Judicial System, and Business Organizations
1. Identify the sources of American Law and
discuss how each impacts the business environment.
A. If disputes arise in a business relationship,
how are they resolved? Discuss the role of the Judiciary and other methods of
dispute resolution.
B. In light of recent developments, discuss the
relevance of ethic in business. Is it enough to simply conduct business
2. Distinguish criminal behavior from tortuous
behavior and discuss the rise of cyber torts and cyber-crimes. What challenges
has the use of the Internet created for businesses and how are those challenges
being met?Agency, Employment Law, and Property
3. Has the explosion of e-commerce altered the
way legally binding contracts are formed? Compare and contract traditional
contract formation with those entered into electronically.Agency, Employment
Law, and Property
4. Where does the UCC derive from? What can it
do for merchants that the common law can’t in terms of contract formation,
performance and remedies? And what value do warranties have over the other
common law principles of negligence and strict liability?

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