Language Awareness

| February 14, 2016

Language Awareness
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This is not actually an assignment, but it is. This might be one of topics which I need to write for entering PhD degree in January next year. Apparently this was one of assignments for Master degree students at the University this year. Students at this course are mainly professional teachers or researchers. I presume that this topic might be one of the topics we have to write. As I am not really familiar with this ‘language awareness’ enough, I want to see a model writing of this topic. All applicants will be asked to write around 3800 words and references. Of course this might not be the topic but I would like to make sure I pass with merit.

Write a 3800 word assignment following these guidelines.

Their instruction is
1. Discuss the term ‘language awareness’ and explain how different variables (such as context, time based,) affect aspects of language use and cause language change.

2. Focus on grammar area that was examined in the module and explain in detail how this area is affected by one or more of the aspects you have discussed in part 1.

3. Reflect on your understanding of what language awareness means, how your own language awareness has developed and how your increased awareness could impact on your work as a researcher or a teacher.
The assignment should be explored how language changes as a result of differences in context, time and users. The purpose is for you to develop a broader view of language awareness and what impacts on it. There are three main parts to the essay. First, you will discuss the concept of language awareness, and the aspects of language use and knowledge that are affected by differences in context, time and users. You should make good use of the literature in this part. Second, focusing on one of the 4 areas (lexis, phonology, grammar and discourse), you should give an in-depth explanation of how that area is affected by the aspects that you discussed in part 1. You will need to use some literature in this part too but it will be more specifically on the language area. The third part of the essay is a personal reflection on your own language awareness development in relation to you as a language user and teacher.

I understood that following issues must be included,
(1) Changes in language over time
(2) Differences/varieties according to users and context
(3) Differences/varieties according to learners
(4) Differences according to medium (eg written/spoken)
(5) Variation according to status and role of English and how it is used in a context
(6) Differences in perspectives of teachers and materials
(7) Attitudes to correctness and acceptability in different contexts

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