KIN605 KIn605 week 2 assignment

| March 14, 2016

Activity: 2- to 4-Page Paper

For this Assignment, select an official sponsor of the Miami Hurricanes athletics department or another local team that interests you. Using the FITS model described in Lynde (2007b; see Learning Materials), address the following:

Based on your evaluation, explain whether the company is a good fit for the team and why.
If you believe the company is not a good fit, suggest a sport property that may better serve the sponsor. Explain why you chose this sport property.
Suggest two other types of products (you do not need to know the companies that produce them) that might also be a good fit with the Miami Hurricanes or a local team that interests you and explain why.

To Submit this Assignment

Save your Assignment using the following naming convention:
WK2Assgn+last name+first initial.
Browse your computer to find and attach your Assignment file(s). If you are submitting multiple files, repeat until all files are attached. Finally, add any appropriate comments pertaining to your Assignment and submit your Assignment for review.

Grading Criteria

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