Keynote Speech – Executive Summary

| March 14, 2016


Keynote Speech

Executive Summary

20 Points

Assignment:To support your presentation, create an executive summary which

summarizes the content of your speech.


An audience may not remember all of the details from your presentation. Your audience

will use the executive summary for the following:

?Remembering the main ideas of your presentation

?Contacting you for further information or networking

?Utilizing your research


?Create one executive summary for the dyad.

?The executive summary should be between 1-2 pages. The format should be

streamlined and scan-friendly, visually interesting, and should include a

combination of paragraphs and bulleted lists.

?Include a reference list of the sources you will use in your presentation. (APA


?Include your professional contact information.

?Proofread. If something is underlined in a color, correct if necessary.

?Due in the Learn@UW-Stout Dropbox by the date and time specified on your

daily schedule.

?Bring hard copies of the executive summary to distribute to the class during your


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