: Kempe & Finkelhor articles

| February 2, 2016

: Kempe & Finkelhor articles

David Finkelhor Children as victims of violence: A national survey. Pediatrics. CV 4. Oct. 1994.


Here is a news article about Finkelhor’s research that compares public perception to abduction data.

http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32386685 (Links to an external site.)

Article 1 – a set of pediatricians write what becomes a classic and very important article laying the foundation for the field of child abuse as we know it. They allege that most doctors didn’t know much about it and didn’t do much to prevent it, and this article gives you reasons why. In your critique, address the following questions:

Why is this such an important article?

What methodologies did they use?

What did they conclude about the psycho-social factors of potentially abusive parents?

How did this article change the way people view child abuse?

Now critique the Finkelhor article. How does it differ from the Kempe study? What are the major findings in the Finkelhor article?

Finally, discuss what you learned from the BBC news article about Finkelhor’s work. How does that jive with your understanding of the phenomenon – and why?

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