| March 14, 2016


Question 1. Question :

Determine which of these questions could be researchable using the scientific method.

Under what conditions could bass live in a lake?

What was the artist thinking when he painted Mona Lisa?

Are UFOs related to crop circles?

Is there a supreme deity?

What is the meaning of life?

Question 2. Question :

A solution proposed for a problem that is reasonable, but untested could be called

a prediction

a theory

a conclusion

a hypothesis

Question 3. Question :

The scientific method depends on

reproducible results.

clearly stated laws of nature.

accurate initial predictions.

fact-based hypotheses.

communication of findings.

Question 4. Question :

Which statement is true about the discipline of science?

Science is a set of facts about the physical world.

Science provides answers to all questions about our environment.

Science is a tool for understanding our physical and biological environment.

Science and intuition are mutually exclusive.

Science encompasses all of pseudoscience and more.

Question 5. Question :

The scientific method

was invented by the Greek philosopher, Plato

is restricted to use in scientific laboratories

is a process used to understand our physical surroundings

always begins with observations

Question 6. Question :

When scientists have finished research and wish to communicate the results, they are most likely to do which of the following?

immediately repeat the research

call a press conference and announce pre-publication findings

sell their findings to a research and development company

write a concise paper and submit it to a scientific journal

submit an abstract to a popular science magazine

Question 7. Question :

After repeated experiments, scientists will usually arrive at a comprehensive explanation for a problem. That explanation is called

a theory

a hypothesis

a prediction

a law

Question 8. Question :

Which of the following statements would be true of the scientific method?

The scientific method is a linear process starting with observation and following several other rigidly defined steps.

The scientific method is a continuous process by which people learn about the physical universe and share their knowledge with others.

Scientists may report findings in such a way that experiments and observations remain known only to the original experimenters.

When the results of an experiment do not fit the hypothesis, a scientist may ethically discard the results and repeat the experiment.

The scientific method has no connection to the way people conduct their lives every day.

Question 9. Question :

Which of the following is a question which can be answered by science?

Which movie star is the most beautiful?

Which rock group puts on the best stage performance?

Which planet in our solar system has the coldest moon?

Which spoken language is the most pleasant to the human ear?

Question 10. Question :

Laws of nature can be characterized by saying that they

arise from repeated observation but no testing.

represent our best understanding of how the universe works in certain circumstances.

are not subject to change based upon additional observations.

always have exceptions and other defects.

are the same as absolute truths.

Question 11. Question :

When scientists apply the scientific method to problems

more questions may be generated

whole theories may be changed or rejected

more hypotheses may be generated

all of these are correct

Question 12. Question :

Peer review in science

demoralizes most young scientists before they can become established.

is accomplished in the editorial offices of major scientific journals.

causes delays between the conclusion of an experiment and the communication of the results.

is conducted in confidence by a panel of experts in the field.

has become outdated since the advent of computers.

Question 13. Question :

Which of the following is best referred to as a pseudoscience?





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