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What is ethics? Why is the study of ethics important to you?

There are three approaches to finding probability that you discussed in this unit; theoretical probability, relative frequency probability, and subjective probability. From your own experience either personally and/or professionally provide one example of where you have encountered each of these different probabilities. Be sure to explain why the example you cite is an example of the particular approach to finding probability.

When the results of a survey or poll are published, the sample size and the margin of error are both given. For example: 1000 voters were surveyed and 39±2% of the voters agree with the president. In this example N=1000 and the margin of error (MoE) is 2%.

This website lists several public opinion polls. Search the site and find a poll where the sample size and margin of error are given. Try to find a poll dealing with a topic in your profession or one in which you are really interested.


Determine the following information for the selected poll results and include in your initial post:

URL for the website
Using your own words, state the topic of the poll in a full sentence.
State the sample size and margin of error.
Interpret the results of your poll using your own words and full sentences. Note: Depending on the question asked, your poll may have more than one poll result – you only need to discuss one result.
Looking at the results with respect to the margin of error, do you think there is a significant difference in the responses to the different questions being asked?
What role could sampling have played in determining these results?
In your response posts, question your classmates about some of the potential biases that could interfere with accurate estimates for the population parameter in question.

Develop a Research Question: In your area of interest, think about a research question that could be answered using a hypothesis test. Write down this research question, and explain what your research is trying to investigate.
State the Hypotheses: Using your research question, create either a one-tailed or a two-tailed hypothesis test and state your null hypothesis and alternative (research) hypothesis. Be sure to use Ho and Ha.
Determine the Conclusion: Assume that you obtained a p-value less than your selected value for alpha, provide a conclusion about your research hypothesis.
Topic 1

Give an example of a good decision that you made that resulted in a bad outcome. Also give an example of a bad decision that had a good outcome. Why was each decision good or bad?

Topic 2

Give an example of a situation in your life where you can identify an opportunity loss. Explain why this was an opportunity loss and any implications it may have had on future decisions.

Describe a situation where it would be appropriate to use forecasting. Be sure to include all the necessary steps to develop the forecast and why you would use the forecast you chose. Please be thorough and provide enough detail to allow meaningful responses from your classmates.

Provide at least one example of when you might use (1) the minimal-spanning-tree technique, (2) the shortest path, and (3) the maximal flow through a network technique. and explain why it would be the appropriate technique to apply in each of the situations you describe. Please be thorough and provide enough detail to allow meaningful responses from your classmates.

Project Management

Scenario: You are a consultant with expertise in project management strategies. Select a possible project management situation from your current or future professional experience. As a project management consultant, you are tasked with developing a project management plan for this project. Your goal is to maximize the time, resources and finances associated with the project in the best interests of the business/company. You will need to write a professional memo to the business/company owner describing the management of the project.

Your essay should include:

Create the PERT/CPM activity network for your project that includes at least five activities and at least one predecessor activity.
Estimate the optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic times to then determine an expected time for each activity.
Determine all activities that are on the critical path.
Identify the slack time (if any) associated with activities in the project.
Create a Gantt chart to show the project timeline.
Address the following questions in your essay:

What is the overall timeline for this project?
What activities are critical for established timeline of the project?
What activities have flexibility in completion that would not impact the overall project timeline?
What time, resources and money might be affected by any changes to activities throughout the project?
What recommendations would you suggest to prioritize the company’s time, resources and money with regards to the project?
Suggested Guidelines for Secondary Reponses:

First Response to a Classmate’s post: Review one of your classmates’ post. Further the math conversation by responding in a professional manner in the role of the business owner.

Second Response to a Classmate’s post:

Review a different classmates’ post. Further the math conversation by identifying any additional variables that have may have been overlooked or added into the project. How would this change the overall project timeline?

Describe three recent situations in which you were directly affected by poor product or service quality. What might have been the cause and how might statistical quality control help eliminate these situations?

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