Kaplan GF560 unit 5 assignment

| October 22, 2018

Your Final Project is composed
of two parts:
Part 1 is a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation where you
will create, tack and analyze a financial portfolio. Part 1 is due at the end
of Unit 5
Part 2 is a 4-6 page analysis of your findings of the
foreign markets and your portfolio. Part 2 is due at the end of Unit 6.
Part 1: PowerPoint Assignment (Due at the
end of Unit 5)
In this course project, you will create a financial
portfolio that will track and analyze its performance throughout the
course. You need to analyze the market
you choose over the length of the course. What economic factors are driving the
market? Which markets are the most successful, etc.
You can use any of the markets for your analysis. You can use
the .dowjones.com/”>Dow Jones Industrial Average.dowjones.com/”>and its component stocks or .yahoo.com/”>Yahoo Finance.yahoo.com/”>. Click on Dow and you will see approximately
30 component stocks. Choose at least five stocks to monitor. Chart the closing prices at closing each week
for the indices you use (see the Webliography tab).
The Presentation should answer all of the
following questions:

What do you think caused the changes in the
market and the indices?

What has happened over each week that was
consistent with what you have learned about security investments in this

Did the stock price react quickly to news?

PowerPoint Presentation Format:

Prepare a 10 – 15 slide presentation excluding
the title slide and reference slides.

You may include comments or additional
information in the notes section of the slide presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation should be in APA

Include one title slide

Analysis of your 5 stocks,

All references should be included on 1 or 2
slides at the end of the presentation.

Directions for Submitting your Presentation

Compose your assignment in a MS PowerPoint document
and save it as Username-GF560 Assignment -Unit#.pptx (Example: TAllen- GF560 Presentation- Unit 5.pptx).
Submit your file by selecting the Unit 5: Final Paper Dropbox by the end of
Unit 5.

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