| January 30, 2017

Using the Self-Assessment Survey outcomes you received from the Self-Assessment Learning Activity, respond to the following areas in your discussion prompt: include your survey score and any reflections you have about the survey outcome. Do you agree or disagree with your survey results? Why? Comment on how you might use this information to develop your professional presence.

When you respond to other students, if possible, choose one classmate who may have different scores than you and one that has similar scores to you.

Topic 1:
Body piercing and tattoos are very common in today’s society. What is your perception of body piercing and tattoos related to professional image? Are piercings and tattoos acceptable in your profession? Contact a professional in your field and ask him/her about the issues surrounding this topic.

When you respond to other students, if possible, choose one classmate from your chosen field and another from a different field. For example, if you are pursuing a career in the medical field, you will want to respond to another post that relates to medical careers, and also to one, such as criminal justice, that does not relate directly to the medical field

Topic 1:
Describe three characteristics that are key to developing your professional image in your chosen career field. Support your response and include why you think the characteristics are important to your personal image.

Topic 1:
Imagine a situation where you are paired up with a coworker to complete a very important project for your company. The coworker does not share the same work ethic that you do, and you are concerned about working together toward successful completion of the project. It is not a job that you can handle on your own as there are a lot of specialty areas that this person knows well and you know nothing about. Discuss at least three things you can do to improve your working relationship with this person so that you do not dread going to work every day and that will improve the work you produce as a team.

Topic 1:
Recall a time when there was a miscommunication with someone in a professional situation. Discuss what the communication issue was and what could have been done to communicate more effectively in that situation.

Topic 1:
Discuss at least two ways that you can help to control what information is readily available about you to anyone, including employers on the internet.

Topic 1:
What industry cultures comprise your career field workplace? Discuss at least two ways that this industry cultural mix can be an advantage to the workplace environment.

Topic 1:
Research to find one professional organization, either locally or nationally, that you feel will provide you with opportunities for professional development and staying current in your area. Discuss what the organization provides and how it will be a help to you personally.

Topic 1:
Many concepts have been covered during this class to give you an opportunity to delve into your professionalism in more depth. After reviewing the results of the survey, what is one area that you feel is a professional strength for you and one area that you continue to need to work on? How do you plan to work on this area to improve it?

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