Java GUI solutions

| October 22, 2018

1) Use JOptionPaneto design the input and output,
oryoumaywantto use Swing componentsto design the interface.
Design a currencyconversionprogram,
toallowuserstoenter a double in US dollar, outputs theequitant in GB sterling
(rate at 1 GB sterm = 1.91 US dollar)

2) Use JOptionPane to design the input
and output, or you may want to use Swing components to design the interface.

Write and run a Java program, which
allows the user to input a double and outputs the square of this number.

This section contains the following

The projects only use JDK and an editor
(textPad, notepad, notepad++).
Write the source code for each class in
a separate file, which must have the same name as the class name together with
the extension .java, .Class names commence with a capital letter.
Do not use Java packages to package the
classes, use APIs provided by Java SDK.
Give some appropriate introduction and
discussion of your answers.
Comments the code of the program.
Project must have at least THREE (3)
java classes.
Do not use code generator.
References with Harvard style at least
3 Academic Articles or books

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