It seems as if many times a year a business or organization

| January 30, 2017

It seems as if many times a year a business or organization is in the papers for violating the law, or some other ethical issue.

Using the article you found in the learning activity write a report answering the following questions based on your research and notes:
• What law was violated or what ethical situation occurred in the article? Explain.
• Who was responsible for this violation? What do you think was the underlying cause of this violation
• What was the outcome of this violation and how did it affect the stakeholders involved? What court did it go to if it went to court and what was the verdict?

assignment 2

A business can fail for many reasons. For this assignment pretend that you are about to start your own business and think about how your business might fail or succeed. Think about the common reasons a business fails and how you would overcome those.

Using the articles you found in the learning activity, and your textbook, write a report answering the following questions:
• If you were to start a business what would be a reason your business might fail?
• Where would you go for advice or help in starting a new business? List 1 to 3 sources available to help entrepreneurs and give at least a 1 paragraph explanation of each.
• If you wanted to start a business how might such services help you?
• Have you ever shopped at a store or eaten in a restaurant and said to yourself, “this place isn’t going to make it”? What factors caused you to reach that conclusion

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