Issues With Security Guard Training in the United States

| February 9, 2016

Issues With Security Guard Training in the United States

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TOPIC: Issues With Security Guard Training in The United States.
*Why is it important for the United States to have standardized training in all states?
*What type of training should be given?
*Which States require a Security Guard to be license by the State and which states do not?
*What are the concerns with having untrained guards?
*What are the solutions to the concerns?
*Can the Federal Government do anything to make standardized training and requirements mandatory for all states?
Based on the 15 page minimum, what should you include in the paper?


*Provide the reader with the overview of the problem, its importance, and definitions on the first page.

The first paragraph on the first page introduces a specific problem area (be general, do not use a particular incident) and its impact on society. In the second and third paragraphs, define the terms used and establish the problem’s importance using statistics regarding incidence rates and impact on society (e.g., how often do incidents occur? what personal or financial impact do they have?). The introduction to the problem sets the tone for the paper and draws the interest of the reader. The reader is not completely naive (e.g., do not define ‘internet’) — so only define for the purpose that all readers have the same notion of what you mean (e.g., personal devices, specifically smart phones and tablets) when there can be a variety of meanings.

From the beginning to the MIDDLE….

*Next, you will provide a critical overview of the literature (this is the biggest section–pages 2-12). You need to provide information about the field for the reader. Do not list information, instead organize it around various themes/points you need to make. You may use a particular incident to exemplify the issue, factors, etc. But do not list incidents, one after the other.

a. Specify the factors that you propose “cause” the problem you are examining. You may use 1-2-3 of the factors I provided–including financial motivation, political/religious motivation, and inadequate security. As you mention the factor, be sure to cite sources to support your proposal, and you may include 1-2 incidents as examples.

b. State implications based on what we know of this problem. Provide information on how security currently operates–base it on several sources. Indicate what works and what does not work (i.e., contributes to additional problems).

In the END..

The new policy should address inadequacies you mentioned occur in security (pages 13-15). It should not be a surprise, but rather based on your explanation of what does not work in security, what is reasonable to do, and most importantly, what is financially possible. Businesses and the government will not enact a new policy if it is not efficient, an improvement to what is currently done, and an economically sound investment. Your job in this paper is to demonstrate that you have investigated the problem, current security policies’ benefits and flaws, and potential solutions.

In general, please remember:

a. do not talk to the reader. use formal writing not colloquial speech. use proper grammar and spelling.

b. rarely use quotes–less than 10% of the paper should have quotes and even when you do quote you are required to elaborate on the idea, include source including p#

c. follow the outline–do not blather….and in particular, Do Not use Bullets or list information. I WILL TAKE POINTS OFF IF THE ESSAY IS NOT MOVED FORWARD BY YOUR STATEMENTS. I DO NOT WANT TO READ FILLER MATERIAL.

You must include at least 35 sources from scholarly materials (however, this is the bare minimum for a research paper) Your paper must have the following research sources: periodical and journal articles; government reports and studies; and scholarly books. Websites, magazines, newspapers and blogs do not count in the 35 minimum scholarly sources.

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