ISFM 300 Case Study Assignment – UMUC Haircuts Stage 2

| November 29, 2016

Assignment: UMUC Haircuts Stage 2: Create a document that includes:

I. Introduction

At the top of your paper, show the strategy for competitive advantage that Myra selected and the business process she has chosen to improve, using the following format:

Strategy for Competitive Advantage: xxxxxxx (just name the strategy)

Business Process to Improve: xxxxxxxxx (just name the process)

II. Table of Functional (Business) Requirements

Copy the table below into your paper. Using the To-Be Model provided complete the table of requirements for an IT system for each of the numbered process steps that includes:

· the inputs to the process – include specific items of information or data elements (for example, customer name) entered into the system as part of the process step

· processing or actions that the system takes (for example, check calendar to let person know if UMUC Haircuts is open at the specified time)

· outputs of the process – include specific items of information or data elements (for example, appointment date) that the system will display or print out for the user to see

There are 7 numbered steps in the Appointment Process itself. In addition, there are three other processes that are needed (numbered 8, 9 and 10), but are beyond the scope of the appointment process: a process for entering the time needed and costs for the various styling services; the employee scheduling process, by which the schedule is created, updated and maintained; and, the payment process that collects customer payments and updates the database accordingly. For these three processes, you should also identify the input needed for the system, what the system is to do with that input (process) and what output the system will need to create or display either immediately or later.

Process Step


Information/data item(s) entered into the system as part of this step


Processing or action the system must perform for this step


Information/data item(s)/record created, or displayed or printed out for the user in this step











The responses that you enter into the table for each requirement must be aligned to the specific business process to be improved and the data it uses, and it must be appropriate to the UMUC Haircuts business.

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