IntroductionThis exercise is designed to help you

| March 17, 2019

This exercise is designed to help you
    construct a message that is appropriate for the purpose of the message, audience and situation.
    use an indirect strategy when delivering a message to the audience
Once you complete the exercise and submit it to the submission folder for the exercise, you will be able to review feedback for the exercise. You will be asked to complete a self assessment based on the sample solution provided in the feedback.
1.    Read the scenario for this case.
2.    As an assistant to the HR manager, you need to write an email to employees to let them know how to use the microwave properly.  
3.    Use the Indirect Strategy Worksheet to
Brainstorm various buffer statements for the memo.
    Complete the points that would be contained in a memo to employees using the Indirect strategy
4.    Submit this file with the Worksheet completed to the Practice Exercise Submission Folder.
5.    When you submit your draft to the Practice Exercise Submission Folder, the feedback for the practice exercise will be available in eConestoga.
6.    Use the feedback provided to compare with your submission.
7.    Complete and submit the Self-Assessment for this practice exercise

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