Introduction (thesis statement) Body

| October 22, 2018

please write an essay and all the requirements are listed in the attached file down below. Must include more than 6 sources(also attached below). Please read each of the requirements carefully and follow strict to it. The pictures attached down below are some suggestions for academic scholarly sources that professor prefers to see.Introduction (thesis statement)Body paragraphsConclusion2000-2500 words, or 8-10 pages of text.Follow American Anthropologist citation and referencing styleTimes new roman 12 point font double spacedWrite an essay from a social science perspective about the Manitoba-Minnesota transmission project.Possible approaches to writing the paper would be to argument for or against the project, or to put theproject into a broader context either comparatively or theoretically. As an ecologically concerned engineeror anthropologist you must critically assess the project by incorporating at least three key theorises,concepts or ideas (you just write it and I can make up) which are presented in this course. The paper mustbe written within abroader frame of human cultural and natural environmental interactions. You mustrefer to a minimum of six sources to complete this essay. Three out of the six sources must beacademic/scholarly sources (these can include required courses reading but not the course slides). Thethree academic sources should support your three key theories, concepts or ideas your discuss. The otherthree sources can be of non-academic background such as newspaper articles or government reports.These three non-academic sources should only be used to support your background information about theManitoba-Minnesota transmission projectComments for Student Preparation for EssayIt is not enough to say you will discuss society, culture, technology and the environment theseare too broad. You must state the specific concepts you will discuss?Main concepts and ideas you can discuss may include but are not limited to: political ecology,ecofeminism, ecotourism, ethnocentrism, Marxism, Tragedy of the Commons (Hardin 1968)What can a political-ecological or cultural anthropological approach bring to the roundtable in thediscussion of development? What concepts/theories or ideas can they contribute?It is evident that you will be using a multidisciplinary approach why do you think that this is animportant approach to this type of development project?In the introduction or in the paragraph after, you should have a decent description of theManitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project. Do not jump directly into the problems associated,provide some context for the writing the essay. What is your purpose of writing? This is differentthan the thesis in that it shows what the topic is versus a thesis shows what will be discussed inthe essay.Must use a minimum of 6 sources:You MAY also use a maximum of 3 non-academic sources (news articles, governmentreports) that describe what the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission project is. The nonacademic sources should be for background information on the project and should in noway be used to support the concepts/theories that you use.Minimum of 3 sources must be academic (these can be your course readings but NOT thecourse slides) and these should support the 3 main concepts/theories/ideas you discuss.Yes you can use more than 3 academic sources.The reason that you can use a maximum of 3 non-academic sources is so that you canprovide background information about the project because you will not find academicsources that discuss the project in sufficient detail. That being said, be cautious in thesources that you use. Do you think that non-academic sources are going to be biased?Yes, most likely, so be cautious of the information that you take from them.Most important thing is to know the requirements of the essay (READ THE SYLLABUS) andknow who your audience is.

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