Introduce your public health preparedness action plan by including the mission

| September 4, 2016


Public Health Organization & Management

LaTahysa Martin-Mckie

South University

Professor Alex Kadrie

Introduce your public health preparedness action plan by including the mission, vision, administrative roles and responsibilities, objectives, and pandemic planning goals.

Today public health awareness plans are going on in almost all develop countries. These countries involved US and Canada specifically. Moreover, the control on epidemics can be minimized by better administration. Business firms now introduce the strategies to avoid them before the problem arises. A better planning can help avoiding pandemic and other flu and epidemic spreads.Pandemic planning is actually done in order to keep the business going even if there is widespread of influenza or small pox etc. The goals of the pandemic planning are avoidance of absenteeism among employees. Moreover, the other goals include the lesser effect on health of people from the epidemic. To keep the regular and daily life at the normal schedule is the basic determination for the planning goals.

National, provincial, private and international organizations can collaborate to work for the elimination process of the widespread. World Health Organization is quite active in the aspect. Influenza spread in Canada in last days was well managed by WHO and national government.WHO and government can perform administrative roles in determining the loss and precautions related to the widespread. The hospitals become actively involved in such cases. Care units are busier than ever before. The list making and spreadsheets of the facts and figures are very necessary to take any planning steps. Issuing press releases and furthermore awarding people about precautions and solutions through different channels are the major responsibilities of administration. The development of proposals or proposal making for the solution of the epidemic is also the main responsibility of administration, (World Health Organization Writing Group. 2006).The objectives of pandemic planning goals may include the provision of vaccination and collaboration with the due institutions. The planning can guide better about the future risks of the spread. The genetically improvements due to technology can also be studied for the reason.

Discuss the importance of a public health preparedness plan by introducing background information to address such questions as what would a severe pandemic mean to your state or country; what preparation is needed to reduce mortalities, and what services and resources are essential for communities to be well-prepared.

In 2009, the widespread pandemic in various regions of US gave a guideline to people. This broke out caused people and national health centers to study the possible causes. Avoiding these causes in near future can bring down the chances of severance. The bad health issues may be related to many environmental factors. Besides environmental, these factors can be socioeconomic and immunological. The severity can vary from region to region. Thus, the preparedness will also vary within regions. The colder winter time periods are more sensitive for the pandemic spread. The areas such as Brazil and related ones are more vulnerable to this. The mortality rate increases in the winter season. But, according to few researches the latitudes are not only responsible for high rates of mortality. There can be other factors in the future too.

Thus the states can vary in preparing the pandemic planning. The states with high risks and reports are needed to become more aware and avoid the mortalities by doing the pre-plans of the spread. The countries with lower resources need to have stronger grip on the planning’s as the socioeconomic status of the region matters in controlling the disease. The focus should not be on mortality but reducing the minor illness from pandemic. This goal will automatically reduce the amount of mortalities as well. The other particular health centers such as HIV and tuberculosis can slower down there services for a while and can work mutually to control the epidemic. The country can work on its personal hygienic problems that lead to standards of livings. Home based recommendations play a role in the matter, (Sjoberg,L. 2000).

The countries with lower living standards and increased level of multidimensional poverty are vulnerable to mortalities in the future pandemic’s spread. The personal hygienic is very important to recover from major and minor illness. The road and traffic sense and respiratory etiquettes add a lot more to the subject. The respiratory etiquettes may include sneezing and coughing as well. The food level can play its role in reducing mortalities. The nutrition and fluids must manage the symptoms of dehydration. Social distancing is important in the community. The change in communities is very much required to reduce such epidemics. These are transferable and can spread easily. It is known since 16th century and it is present till now just because of less common understandings about the transferable facts of the issue. Illness can lead to death if the socioeconomic, immunological and environmental factors are not administered efficiently. Usually it occurs in the atmospheres where the present health conditions are not good and unlimited resources are allocated on health problems. Documentations and awareness news can reduce the rate of mortality, (BlendonR. J. 2004).

Because seasonal pandemic is more the cause of mortality thus reducing it is major concern. 36,000 deaths due to influenza pandemic occur in the states within a year whereas people who are hospitalized are more than two lacks. The respiratory reasons are the common most in the spread. These are seven times more common that other type of reasons of spread, (Monto, S. 2009).

· The regions with:

· higher rate of old people,

· higher rate of population and

· higher rate of pregnant women are more vulnerable to influenza pandemic. The better preparedness plans can be made for such areas. This is called the classifications of diseases.

Identify need, resources, and services that might arise in a pandemic

The vaccinations and school awareness are the top most needs that are required in pandemic spread. Moreover, the extensive availability of care units in hospitals and better community awareness are the best ways out of any type of epidemics. The vaccination services are needed to reduce the amount of suspecting. This is the first way towards to control of influenza. Antiviral and drugs are the second need and resource. This all comes from pharmaceutical companies. The better research and development in the fields are required. The companies and organizations instantly stop working on other projects and start their researches and resources accumulation for the pandemic. Because if there are lesser services of antiviral drugs and pharmaceutical companies are provided then the program implementation can be delayed leading to higher spread rate and higher mortalities. The pandemics can be of various types, few examples are:

· Katrina

· Tsunami

· Influenza (common)

· Small pox

· Anthrax

· Swine flu

Services of WHO to make facts and figure sheets so that the national and provincial government can know which area and regions need more attention to start up with. The need of discrimination between a model and an accuracy figure is also there. Do not rely on the mere facts provided to you in a sample.

The resources that are needed on very urgent basis may be listed as:

· Vaccinations

· Antiviral Drugs

· Hospital and care staff, doctors and nurses

· Hospital beds and vacancy in care units

· Personal hygienic awareness

· Respirators and respiratory etiquettes

· Background health care resources such as previous researches and journals

The need of trainings increases through this time period. The trainers are needed. The special services are needed from the organization to help you become aware about the facts of simplicity of procedures.The demand of technical tools even increases. GIS is the major tool known as Geographic Information System, it helps making you regions specified according to the severity of the issue. The maps and charts are helpful which need a technical support of programs and programmers.

Humanitarian assistance can be requested from other countries. WFP had already done up with much work of maps and statistics, the assistance of WFP can help dealing with the problem. United Nations help is also required in some cases. Widely speaking, public education and public information are two different things. Public information can be utilized by engaging media and press. Thus, the services of media such as television, CNN, BBC, press and magazines can be acquired to enhance public information. On the other hand public information is a source of public education. Public education can be done through volunteer programs at school as well. Ethical values and preparedness of local health centers about ethical teachings are lot more important than vaccinations and antiviral drugs.

Complete a market analysis to request government funding to support your public health preparedness action plan.

The pandemic needs a government funding and a proper analysis. The funding cannot be done unless and until there are some estimates present for it. This can be based on the market demands of vaccinations and anti-viral. The government buys the doses sometimes beforehand whereas sometimes an urgent need of doses arises. Besides doses the funding is needed for training the staff and managing campaigning.

The financial reviews are needed to prepare a market analysis. The demand and supply of vaccinations is a huge business topic. On the other hand the market analysis includes the equilibrium between the market demand and market supply as a whole. When as a single firm working voluntarily for the welfare, then a proper financial funding is needed. International collaboration with organizations and WHO aresupported. But, without the cooperation of government nothing is possible.

In order to find the benefit of public interference it is important to perform a market analysis. No funding is available unless and until figures, facts and statistics are shown to the government. It is a rule of business that previous balance sheet and previous facts are used in order to attract investors. Here in this case investors are not needed but people to fund the pandemic project. Technological support is also acquired by the collaboration of government. There are few tools that are quite expensive to buy. These may include GIS and other soft wares. In order to find assistance a market plan is presented to government.

The market plan is a brief summary of all the happenings with proves of facts and figures. The gender wise, age wise and region wise discrimination between patients can be foremost and essential part of the market plan.Talking about US influenza pandemic, it appeared in 2005 and then again in 2009 with more severity in winter season in the Brazilian region. Moreover pregnant women and children were more vulnerable to this. The per capita health expenses were increased to $2000. This is a real big deal.

Due to the increasing threat of influenza pandemic the government spending also increased in the aspect, in 2004 it was 2.2 billion whereas by 2009 it was marvelous with 7 billion. This is done due to better market analysis and realization that influenza pandemic needs more attention. This will even increase by more 3 billion by 2015 to reduce the overall risks of the pandemic.The US government increased the spending on vaccinations by 100 million in 2010, this happened due to the latest breakout in 2009. According to WHO the capacity of producing influence pandemic vaccinations in US is 1 billion to 2 billion maximum. No more capacity can be handled per year. If there will be a more need then more plants and research work would be needed, (D.M. Morens and A.S. Fauci, 2007).

In such a tough competition every firm who is trying to eradicate pandemic needs to show its working and research done on the particular area and can approachgovernment according to the following facts. So the government may also know the needs of the time and people. This will increase awareness in government as well. Owing to the reasons of limited resources special consideration in market analysis is to be performed on:

· Vaccinations

· Cell and Egg based vaccinations

· National preparedness

· Medical Supplies

· Antigens

The profile of your program and market strategy may tell about the working of your cooperation, Strategy, analysis results, history, services and products that you dealt with, operations performed, financial details, and key benefits that the government has in funding for you.

Summarize and discuss the rationale for your public health preparedness action plan. Address how you would sustain this program for 5 years and the advantages of implementing in your selected state.


Influenza pandemic is common threat among several states of US and Canada. The severity varies within different environmental conditions, socioeconomicsstructures and immunological orders. Pregnant women and old and young age people are given more focus. ON the other hand the awareness campaigns are needed as respiratoryetiquettes are the only major cause for bringing the problem as a huge epidemic issue. It was surveyed that as compare to other factors contributing to the epidemics, respiratory issues bring the chances of occurrence high with seven percent rate. Moreover, government funding and collaboration with WHO and other organizationssuch as SWOT can help better dealing with statistics, problems and solutions. Technological changes can be helpful in bringing out betterment in treatment. Mutual collaboration with health centers who are dealing with HIV and tuberculosis can also stop their main working for some time and can collaborate with the major influenza pandemic issue.

Because the pandemic control needs a strategy based on long terms goals so that the constant break outs can be avoided. The reasons of any epidemic are related to lower standard of livings of less awareness in particular subject. To change the attitude and behavior of people in some particular aspect needs to have focus on the long term goals. Thus preparedness for influenza epidemic / swine epidemic needs to control the egg vaccinations as well as human based vaccinations. This is a two dimensional phenomenon that requires a long run time. There can be various ways for addressing this issue.

Selecting a good program for controlling influenza pandemic in Brazil can bring numerous advantages. No doubt the health and lives of each person are equally valuable but because Brazil is at the higher threat that’s why implementing program there can be very valuable. Epidemic diseases are viral; the control on the major population can automatically bring down the ratio of patients.

The benefits of controlling pandemic in this region can help improving the official absenteeism in the nation as well as can help increasing the exports level. As this is a fact that Brazil is a good exporter of coffee, tea and chocolates. There are many other things that a reproduced within. The living standard of Brazil is not much higher. This is the main reason for lesser economic development within the region. According to multidimensional poverty goals and definition of economic development, health is the basic necessity of improving living standards. Richer people and good businessman can also not avoid pandemics if there is a spread around.

Once the health conditions are improved then the further allocation of budget after five years can be done on the other developmental resources. No development is possible without human skills and human development. Human potential is the main part of whole economic activity.Controlling Brazilian epidemics are also helpful for representing a model situation for other following states. Thus, the successfulness of plan within this region is very much essential.

The HIV and other threats are also higher here. Owing to the reason, a whole setup change is needed in the region that cannot be achieved within few months. Usually projects last for three to five years. Short term projects are of three years whereas long term projects are of five or more years. “Our example could serve as a model for other countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, even Africa. Everyone in the world has the right to access these therapies, (Brazil’s Health Minister,” title=”José Serra”>José Serra, 2001


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