Intro to Negotiations

| February 13, 2016

Topic: Intro to Negotiations

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The final paper is analytical and should demonstrate your familiarity with and your ability to apply the concepts, issues and tools considered in the course reading materials and discussed in class. You will select a personal or professional conflict to analyze using the frameworks and concepts covered in class. Include some background information to set the context, introduce specific frameworks to analyze the conflict, and make recommendations for how to address the conflict constructively, and your rationale for your approach. Your final paper should be no less than six (6) pages and no more than eight {8) pages and should include at least one citation and a bibliography in APA format.

? Select a personal or professional conflict that you have experienced to analyze
? Analyze the conflict based on the frameworks used in class o Noting BATNA, RV, Target etc.
o Was it Distributive Bargaining or Integrative Negotiation?
What were the indicators?
? At least 3 references are to be cited -Citing Slides from Class is NOT considered a reference
? The citations are to be in APA format; double spaced
? The paper will be 6 pages minimum and not more then 8 pages
? The paper will be in MS Word .doc or .docx- Not PDF
? Paper turned after the date and time below will be penalized

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