Interpreting the Facts

| February 5, 2016

Interpreting the Facts

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For Essay 3, you will explore the rhetorical ways in which companies or public figures (brands in general) use social media to present who they are as a brand. You’ll think about which rhetorical devices they use and how they use them, and you’ll explore how they influence the way that we, as a society, think about and respond to those brands.

Essay 3 should be a thesis-driven essay that employs material from three social media sites, two popular sites, and one scholarly article. Focus on one brand in this essay.
Your goal in this essay is not only to figure out how the brand tries to present itself, but what effect that has on us, as a society. How does this change us? To do this, think about your own responses (though you’ll keep this in the third person) and look at the research out there. What do these things tell you about how this kind of brand advertisement is changing us?

Organize your paper according to APA format, using appropriate citation and formatting (refer to the Purdue OWL). Since this is an APA style paper, it will be divided into sections. In your first one, you’ll discuss the social media sites. In your second one, you’ll talk about the secondary sources that you’ve examined. In your synthesis section, you’ll bring all of your sources together to help your reader see how they all connect and how they work together to influence us, as a society. Each paper should have these sections; however, you’ll want to change the titles to best fit your paper and argument:
Introduction (including Thesis)
Social Media
Site 1
Site 2
Site 3
Secondary Sources
Popular 1
Popular 2

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