International trading & logistic company Business Plan

| April 30, 2016

Topic: International trading & logistic company Business Plan

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Imagine you are an investor, you will set up the “International Trading & logistic company” in

You will handle the import, export and logistic business around the country, even the world. Your import and export products will focus on American agricultural product (Such as corn, peas or nuts). You will buy this stuff or raw material in the U.S and sell to outside countries.

Then, you are going to buy finished products (such as peanuts mixed with nuts or peas) from outside countries, and sell to the U.S.

You may buy the finished products from the company which you sell the raw material to them.
Please write one business plan, and see the following requirements:
1. An executive summary

2. A company description and organization chart

3. A description of the company’s products and/or services

4. A market and industry analysis

5. A competitive analysis

6. A marketing and sales plan

7. A management and organization section

8. A financial discussion that includes a 4~5 years financial forecast
In your business plan, please search the real cases or something from outside sources. Everything plan should follow the California state law to do the business. I have attached the sample for you to have ideas.

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