International Marketing Plan

| January 4, 2016

Topic: International Marketing Plan
Order Description
Complete International Marketing Plan Wednesday 12th January 2016 14.00pm
Electronic Submission to TURNITIN

Format: International Marketing Plan (Structured Management Report)
Word Limit: 3000 words only, excluding appendices and references.

Short, clear, concise, decision and action oriented reports attract high marks.

Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and initial analysis of key theoretical concepts of
international marketing such as: country market screening and selection, segmentation, culture, psychic
distance, value chain, entry mode, and standardisation vs. adaptation of the marketing mix.
2. Develop analytical skills through the application of theoretical concepts and best practice to
international marketing case studies.
3. Be able to match the products and services of UK SMEs with international potential to suitable
country markets.
4. Be able to develop a detailed International Marketing Plan.
Individual Work
Format: An International Marketing (Action) Plan addressed to CEO of your chosen UK

SME with the specific business objective of generating a minimum of £25,000 in gross
sales revenue in the first year of the plan.

Complete Plan (Word Document) (3000 words) (80%) Summative Assessment
Use an International Marketing plan format of your choice.
Arial font size 11 or 12 point, (this font) to reduce eye strain during marking.
Full bibliography of sources referenced using the Harvard system.
The plan must include two appendices: (not included in the word count).

Appendix I) Primary and Secondary Market Research
Summary data regarding market size, market growth, customer preferences, competitors, etc.)

Appendix II) Marketing Budget (Promotion Costs Only) and Break Even (Word Tables or Spreadsheets)

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