International Consumer Behavior–(Own brand "Seagull")

| February 8, 2016

International Consumer Behavior–(Own brand “Seagull”)
I have my own car brand and the name is “Seagull”. This is car brand.
The brand will process in China, but this brand will sell in South Africa.
You should analyse South Africa market (PEST).
This brand target is low-middle class customer.
You should use many data and diagram in this essay.
Part 1: Introduction – product, brand and market (around 1500 words)
This section should first introduce the overall report and then the analysis of:
Product and brand: product type, level of involvement, brand and brand identity
Market: country market, reason for the choice of country, competitors, target customers (segmenting, targeting, positioning).

Part 2: The consumer (around 1500 words)
In this section you should provide an in-depth study of the target consumers in this market, including relevant aspects of their consumer behaviour, such as:
buying roles, decision making process, why/when/where/how they buy, motivation, perception etc. You should make use of at least 5 different consumer behaviour concepts.
In addition a proper consideration of the cultural dimensions is a must. This should include:
key influences on their behaviour (cultural dimensions, cultural values, reference group etc.).
You can find data from this website (

Part 3: Plan to launch the product (around 1500 words)
Based on your understanding of consumer behaviour in the market, propose a marketing communication plan to launch the product. The recommendations should be closely linked to the consumer behaviour analysis, for the target audience and take care of the cultural differences. The plan should focus on branding, message and tones, choice of media, advertising campaign and other communication tools.

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