international business management

| September 14, 2016

Groups can play a key role in the firm achieving its vision and mission. However, without proper management a group can fail. The group process, its advantages, disadvantages, stages of group development, functional behavior, dysfunctional behavior, and sources of power within the group are all important factors when analyzing groups. All can contribute or hinder group success. However, for this project we will limit the analysis to the management of agreement. When there are roadblocks to new or differing ideas, when agreement is reached because group members think that solution is what everyone wants, or when group members have a righteous belief in what they are doing, this can lead groups to wrong decisions.

Your group task is to compare and contrast Groupthink and the Abilene Paradox in the international decision making process. How are they similar and how might they differ? Is it possible that they are ever forces for the “positive”? Your discussion should include ways to mitigate the phenomena of both Groupthink and the Abilene Paradox inside organizations.

This activity will require research beyond the textbook.

Irving L. Janus wrote a book titled “Victims of Groupthink: A psychological Study of Foreign Policy Decisions and Fiascos.” In this book Janus highlighted the causes of Groupthink and also actions that can be taken to mitigate groupthink. Jerry B. Harvey wrote a book titled “The Abiliene Paradox and other Meditations on Management.” In the chapter on the Abilene Paradox, Harvey discussed the causes and ways to mitigate the Abilene Paradox. Internet searches will also provide much information on these two topics.

Managers in the international business environment need to be aware of the pitfalls with managing agreement. Failure to recognize and take corrective action can and often does lead to incorrect decisions.

Please compile 2 page document with relevant content and discussion on APA FORMAT include references

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