Interior Design

| February 14, 2016

Interior Design

The paper has two parts:
First part: explain your understanding of sustainability in interior design and specifically within the context of textiles. (Textiles meaning upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics and so on…..)
Second part: find an alternative sustainable material for a dining chair upholstered in 100% cotton
Explain and justify why you choose this sustainable material over others and compare it to the cotton material in terms of:
How sustainable is it?
?Natural materials – insecticides?
?Recycled fabrics – energy?
?Organic, unbleached
?Fairtrade options
?Limitations in choice
?Close the loop – design / use / bin (re-use)
Also include anything else that comes to mind.

350 – 400 words / your understanding of sustainability
350 – 400 words / explanation and justification of material choice

PLEASE NOTE : English is not my first language
Include at least 4 references within the entire body of text; these can be from books, journals, articles, podcasts etc.

Recommended reading
Moxon, S. (2012) ‘Sustainability in Interior Design’ pg. 105, Fabrics
H & M Conscious Fashion range
‘Embedding sustainability in all design’, The Guardian, 01/10/12
Future fabrics

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