Intellectual property is defined as – Property in technology

| June 13, 2018

1 Intellectual property is defined as:Property in technologyRights over products of the human intellect such as patents and copyrightsRights over technology transferPatent rights2 How does the patent benefit its owner?It gives exclusive right for a limited period to exploit the invention or license others to use it.It gives exclusive right to exploit the invention indefinitely.It gives exclusive right to generate profits (royalties) from the invention.It gives the inventor exclusive rights over his/her invention.3 Which country makes the most applications under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) process?The USChinaJapanGermany4 The post-war period has seen the emergence of 4 main channels of technology transfer, which are:Direct sale, renting, leasing or licensing,Forming an alliance, partnership, management contract or investment.Franchising, capital goods trade or contract manufacture.FDI, joint venture and strategic alliances, licensing and trade in capital goods5 Technological diffusion involves:The spread of technology from developed to developing countriesThe spread of technology, including skills and know-how, from one country to anotherAdapting technology to new environmentsThe import of high-technology products from advanced economies6 Which of the world’s regions had the largest number of internet users in 2009?Latin AmericaEuropeAsiaNorth America

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