Instructions Go to the CME website

| October 14, 2019

Instructions  Go to the CME website and download the demo CME Simulator. To do this, you will need to create a membership, after which you will be able to access the Practice Simulator (See Trading Tools: Practice Simulator).  Familiarize yourself with the platform by reading the User’s Guide and watching the training videos.  Log in and perform one trade per day on the contract of your choosing. Choose one of the following 10 types of futures contracts for this assignment: Equity index: o E-mini S&P 500 futures Energy:  WTI crude oil futures  Natural gas futures  Metals: Gold futures  Copper futures  Foreign exchange (FX):  Euro FX futures • Interest rates:  10-Year U.S. T-Note futures • Agriculture:  Soybeans futures Corn futures Live cattle futures  Confine your chosen contract to the nearest contract with time to expiration of greater than one month. For example, if today is April 8, 2016, the nearest corn futures contract with greater than one month’s time to expiration would be the May 2016 corn futures. However, if today is April 30, 2016, the nearest corn futures contract with greater than one month’s time to expiration would be the July 2016 corn futures. • Each day, the trade could be a long or a short. You must provide a rationale for the long or short trade. Your rationale could be based on one or more of the following items: o Fundamental information such as results of a regression analysis on fundamental data such as interest rates o Technical analysis o News announcement • Perform one trade per day for one business week (i.e., five consecutive business days). At the end of the business week, close out your position and calculate the profit on your trades. • Draft a report of no more than two pages that includes the following items (100 marks): 1. The specifications of the contract you have traded in: contract size, contract symbol, price quotation, trading hours, expiration date, settlement procedures, and position limit. This information can be obtained from the CME Group website. For example, for corn futures, the information is available at (20 marks) 2. The reason(s) for the trade that you performed each day. (50 marks) 3. Your profit/loss after your position is closed on the fifth business day. (10 marks) 4. Two things you learned from this experiment. (20 marks) • When you have completed Assignment 4, go to the FNCE 403 course site, and upload your completed assignment file(s) in the Assignment 4 drop box. Ensure that you have filled in all the correct information and uploaded the correct file(s), and then click the Submit button to submit the assignment. Note: Once you have clicked the Submit button, you will not be able to change your solutions to the assignment.

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