Instruction Memo with Audience Profile

| March 14, 2016

In writing this memo, please use the following format for the top of the memo:

To: your instructor’s name

Then, in constructing the memo, answer the following questions by deleting the blue text in the brackets and replacing it with the requested information.
What is your topic?
[Identify the topic of your instruction manual and briefly describe what you intend to write about in your technical description and instructions.]

What are the team members’ responsibilities?
[Identify the role and responsibilities of each member of the team in developing the instruction manual.

Note that each group member must write a portion of the manual and/or revise and edit the final draft. A group member cannot simply identify outside sources if needed, select and insert graphics, or set up the manual’s design.]

What is your plan of action?
[Describe what your group intends to do and provide a high level project schedule.]

Who is your intended audience and what is their profile?
[Identify your intended audience and include a profile of your audience and relevant characteristics. Focus on relevant characteristics.]

Length: There is no maximum or minimum number of words for this assignment. Your goal is to write a clear memo in preparation for your instruction manual.

Due Date:The instructor will post the due date.

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