innovation and technology management

| February 9, 2016

innovation and technology management

Full academic underpinning of the assignment is required in APA referencing format with full bibliography details included in the References section. Marks will be lost for the lack of academic underpinning and the incorrect us of APA format

Assignment 2 – Background

You have recently returned to your organisation that operates around the world after successfully completing your BA (Hons) degree. Your organisation has decided to adopt the TIM (Total Innovation Management) philosophy so that it can deliver innovative, high-quality products and services; creating a great working environment to attract and retain staff. Technology Innovation is currently undertaken in a centralised business innovation unit in the UK.

Quality and innovation doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes a large commitment, many hands, and much internal analysis. The objective is to produce a complete organisational system that constantly improves, grows, and develops.

This organisational change is being led by a Programme Director who is an MBA graduate and you have been asked to support the Programme Director by producing a report that identifies the benefits of establishing a de-centralised innovation portfolio approach to better manage the numerous innovation portfolios around the world for the benefit of the whole organisation.
Assignment 2 – Deliverable
Prepare a report of 2,000 words (+/-10%) that addresses the following topics:
Note the marking criteria for each part of this report.
Topic Link to Learning Outcomes Marks Possible
Provide a brief Management Summary of the main points in the report. LO1 – 4 15
Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a centralised technology innovation management approach. LO1 – 4 35
Identify the benefits of establishing de-centralised innovation management portfolio groups within each separate business unit. LO1 – 4 30
Identify the risks and issues of introducing de-centralised innovation management portfolio groups along with mitigating techniques that can be used. L01 – 4 10
Structure and quality of report along with academic underpinning and referencing in APA format. 10
Total Marks Available 100


The Module Descriptor learning outcomes identify that on successful completion of this module it is expected that students will be able to:

Demonstrate a critical evaluative understanding of the major international trends and developments in the use, development and application of technology and innovation and their relationship to international business and organisations.
Analyse and evaluate the change impacts and effects which new technologies and networks are having on the contemporary world of business in the international, regional and local contexts.
Critically comprehend and assess the relationship between new technologies and innovation within business and organisations in a variety of contexts and settings.
Define and analyse the importance of new technologies and their application in business organisations and plan for their effective utilisation.

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