Initiating a Change

| January 30, 2017

Initiating a Change

This assignment supports the following objective(s):

• Discuss the role of creating, planning, organizing, motivating, communicating, and controlling in management.

Assignment overview

Create a PowerPoint presentation on a change that your company will be implementing.


• A PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 7 slides

• Include the proper file naming convention: BUS112_wk5_assn1_jsmith_mmddyyyy

Assignment details:

Scenario:You are the manager of a company that provides tutoring services to children in elementary, middle, and high school. You and the company’s owner realize that there is an immediate need to change your summer operating hours and offer evening sessions in order to accommodate families with working parents. Competing businesses are already offering extended hours.

This change will impact numerous departments including:

• Marketing – this department will have to communicate the change to both current and prospective families through a marketing campaign

• Academics – there will be a need for tutors to work in the evenings

• Finance – the change could lead to increased revenue with the increased business, but there will also be costs involved to keep the facility open the additional hours

• Facilities – the janitorial staff will not be able to clean the facility until after the evening sessions have ended

Your boss has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation to announce this change to your team. You need to be sure that your employees clearly understand the change and how it will benefit both the organization and employees in a positive way.

Perform the following tasks:

• Create a PowerPoint presentation with at least 7 slides that includes the following:oA title slide

o An introduction to the change that is being made

o An explanation of why the change is being made and how it supports organizational goals

o An explanation of how the change will likely impact each department

o What support and resources will be available to the departments

o A description of your follow-up process

o A closing slide that attempts to secure employee buy-in

• Be visually creative – use graphics, photos, etc., as appropriate

• Create your presentation from the standpoint of an effective leader

NOTE: PowerPoint is a guide through a presentation, so use the Notes Paneto elaborate on any concept or idea.

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